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professionally engaged in the production and sales of Methyl acetate, Ethyl acetate, Glacial acetic acid, Dichloromethane and other products.

Methyl acetate has gradually become a mature product in the world, replacing acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate, cyclopentane and the like.?In 2005, Eastman Company of the United States
used methyl acetate instead of acetone solvent. Because methyl ester is not a restricted organic pollutant discharge, it can meet new environmental standards for coatings, inks, resins and adhesives.

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Anhui Ruibai New Materials Co., Ltd.(Taizhou Ruibai Chemical Co., Ltd.) was established in 2009. Now, our company is located in Huaibei of Anhui and Taizhouof Jiangsu Province, with developed transportation and superior geographical position. With the goal that our product and service to be the first choice of our customers, Ruibai is committed to the production and distribution of methyl acetate, ethyl acetate...

Corporate style

Join hands with domestic and foreign customers to promote each other and create a win-win situation

Ruibai Chemical--one of large-scale manufacturers in China for high-purity refined methyl acetate


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valve pipeline quality 304 stainless steel

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Focus on Ruibai, paying attention to new trends in the industry



  • Address: West of Linbai Road, New Coal Chemical Synthetic Material Base, Suixi County, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, North of Railway
  • Foreign Trade Contact: Director Jin +86-13915078132 , Manager Wang: +86-15371599786 , Manager Ji: +86-18936791007
  • Contact: G.M. Mr.Zhu +86-17715052999 , Director Jin: +86-13196436968
  • Tel:+86-561-7883066  Email:info@ringchem.com
  • Website:www.rinbest.com  www.szmickeyoo.cn
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